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Telephone Counselling

I trained as a telephone counsellor in 1997, working for a local Employee Assistance Programme based in Yorkshire and undertook further training to work for Relate Direct in 2003. I am experienced in counselling individuals by telephone on a wide variety of personal, relationship and work-based issues.

Who is it for?

Telephone counselling is potentially helpful for anyone, but it doesn't suit everyone. If in doubt please phone me for an exploratory discussion which will give you a 'feel' for what it might be like.

If you travel a lot with work or you find it difficult to arrange childcare, it can offer a way to have regular counselling sessions.

It can offer additional discretion and a sense of safety, which can be important for some clients.

How is it arranged?

Sessions are arranged on a regular basis as with face to face counselling. Some clients combine face to face and telephone counselling.

Fees are paid in advance of the sessions by cheque. Please see Fees page for more information.


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